Brandon Sontag is a custom tattoo artist and painter in Columbus, Ohio. Brandon began tattooing in 2015, but has been pursuing his passion for art long before that. He studied fine art and illustrations in Columbus before becoming a tattoo artist. His tattooing style is a very painterly approach to achieve detailed color and black and grey realism tattoos. Brandon most enjoys tattooing nature related subjects such as, animals, landscapes, and flowers. He also practices in other artistic mediums like painting, sketching, and videography. His dedication and talent allow him to create vibrant, clean, detailed tattoos for his clients. Located at RedTree Tattoo Gallery. 





Interested in scheduling with Brandon? Please read the following:


These days , I'm concentrating much more on the art and pushing my creative boundaries further. 

Due to a constantly heavy work load,

I must be selective about the projects I take on.

I am only making tattoos that are large scale, full color, and custom projects.

I'm looking to create more nature based themes such as: animals (wild and pets), flowers/plants, landscapes and scenery. I'm also looking for projects with pop culture references, portraits, and otherworldly scenes and creatures.

I am not currently taking on cover up projects, but if it is a small cover up within a large project, please inquire.

I charge $1075 per session.

Please be prepared to be at the studio for 6+ hours for each session.

I require a $200 deposit, which will be applied to the final session.


If you are ready to discuss your ideas in person, please click the button below to apply.